Affiliate Marketing. Buy, Test, Optimize, Scale. Repeat.

This is the foundation behind it, but there's so much more. Things change on a dime in affiliate marketing, so fast that one needs a community they can rely on to get answers when things turn for the worst. This is why iAmAffiliate was created, although it took about two years before it actually happened.

This is the story of the #1 advanced affiliate marketing forum, created by iAmAttila, blogger, and super affiliate that one day in 2013, decided to switch from SEO to Paid Ads. iAmAttila has been sharing the hottest methods, tips, and tricks and keeping it blunt, honest, and truthful. If you read his blog, he isn't shy to share his opinions and tell things how it is.

This approach of being honest to himself and to everyone around him has helped iAmAttila build a massive following of people that crave the truth in a world filled with fake gurus that sling re-worded courses to the masses dreaming about lambos.

iAmAffiliate was created to be different, to have a platform to share up to date tricks that can't be posted publicly, because they are just so good only people that actually run campaigns should have access to it not to ruin it for everyone. iAmAffiliate is a community where you can go to when you are struggling and receive advice that helps solve your problem so you can continue making money with your paid ads campaigns. A lot is being covered from the great giants like Google Ads, Facebook to newcomers like TikTok and Snapchat. Always evolving with information, I am affiliate is not a course you buy that becomes obsolete tomorrow.

iAmAffiliate grows each and everyday thanks to its diverse members that are experts in many different areas that make up the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. Email, Push, Pops, Display, Native, Search, Social, and new sources that we can't even fathom yet. Maybe VR advertising. Join us, and enjoy the roller coaster ride with seasoned veterans and marathon runners of the internet marketing industry. Get help, help others, and make more money in the process.

That's iAmAffiliate in a nutshell and the story of how it came to be.

Join the community today for only $49.95/month. It will be the very best investment You will make in your affiliate marketing career that will yield the highest ROI, guaranteed.

See you in the members area,

iAmAttila, Founder of iAmAffiliate