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With all the changes that Facebook has been making in its policies and algorithms in recent years is a fact that organic visibility continues to drag a downward trend for any of the publications of a company page in this social network .

Although there are still companies or professionals who do not want to recognize it, without a good economic investment, on Facebook there is almost no visibility, therefore it is an increasing trend of the increasing investment that companies, brands and professionals make in this social network.

On the other hand, and as everything is not always negative, those same strategies that mostly seek to monetize your platform by pushing companies to use the promoted publications or Facebook Ads campaigns, have conditioned that from this social network the tools are continuously being improved. of which we have to advertise.

Meanwhile, the success of the purchase of Instagram in its day is now also an excellent opportunity to make advertising ads for companies in this visual network, and everything directly from the Facebook Ads Manager platform itself.

The integration of Instagram with Ads, allows us to obtain greater options to reach more target audience and increase the profitability of any ad campaign.

This “advertising tool in social networks” , among many other features, allows us to create different types of publications and segment them according to the particularities of the target to which they will be directed medium of some different parameters like:

  • Country or city of residence
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Civil status
  • Customs, interests or tastes of the user …
  • Keep in mind that we have many tools for this social platform, but to make it public, it facilitates 3:

    ► Power Editor:

    It is an advertising platform focused on accounts for large advertisers, as it can also be the case of agencies that need to create a large number of ads at once and have more advanced control over them and their results.

    ► Business Manager:

    It is a platform specially designed for brands to offer access and management of their pages to those professionals or agencies that manage multiple accounts and to which they can only be assigned the advertising role, without needing a greater link, such as being administrators Of the same.

    The main differences of this tool are that there is no direct link between profiles and pages, that is:

    With Business Manager you will keep your business separate from your personal Facebook profile.

    It is also very useful for those professionals who manage several brands to avoid possible mistakes or to mix several brands in the same advertising account.

    ► Ad Manager :

    It is used to manage and create campaigns and announcements easily and intuitively.

    Throughout this post I am going to focus on showing you how to use and optimize your ads through the Ad Manager, although some of the tips that I will give you are also applicable if you use Power Editor or Business Manager.

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