If You Want to Run TikTok Ads The Right Way Then This Is The Best Place For You!

We are going to hold your hand, answer all your questions, and guide you step by step towards killing it as a professional affiliate!


Learn affiliate marketing from the basics all the way to the latest advanced methods through simple to understand tutorials.


Get inspired, learn how the biggest campaigns that generated over a million dollars in pure profit were made from start to finish!


Get your hand held as you commence through your journey, learn from others as they go through theirs in real time.

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“I am a really really experienced marketer with over ten years of experience in the whole digital marketing space but i gotta tell you i've learned so many things for affiliate advertising for native advertising they have like full blown case studies step by steps of how they walk you through everything, so if you are considering into jumping into Affiliate, I highly highly recommend it, because you are going to learn a lot..”

Dimitris Skiadas, CEO of Dimitris Skiadas

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“This premium forum brings a lot of straight forward talk strategies to the table. iAmAttila has given me insights on campaigns and even about life. This forum has case studies from lead gen to ecom, covering the broad spectrum we call online marketing. iAmAttila is super active and helpful with the members and gives you the real deal information that others charge $5000++ or more for! Join now if you want help from the best!”

Ian Fernando, ADVENGERS

Taras ClickDealer

“I’ve been around in the industry for more than 10 years and have seen way too many “gurus” that teach people how to make money, that never sent one click to a campaign. I hate bullshitters and call them out when given an opportunity. Truth can hurt but it is to the point! I can vouch for iAmAttila that he is an OG mediabuyer that actually knows how to run campaigns. If you want to learn and connect with top 1% - iAmAffilaite is a place to be! Learn from the best, or get scammed by people that never made anything work.”

Taras Kiseliuk, CEO of ClickDealer CPA Network


“Unlike other forums iAmAffiliate if full of life and real data, they update the content regularly, talk about problems of online marketing and help to figure out how to fix, optimize and scale . It is the best investment any striving affiliate marketer can make. Where else can you get 1 on 1 help with your from real affiliates and friends? It's not just a forum - it's like your family!”

Lana Rossi, Conversion Club

Isaac Testimonial
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“If you're an affiliate marketer of any skill range you need to be on iamaffiliate. The affilaite world in general tends to be a bit "dog eat dog" with everyone hiding their campaigns and not sharing whats working. Iamaffiliate is the polar opposite of this. It's a collaborative community where everyone is sharing what is working for them TODAY. This forum has been a vital resource to me because in the everchanging world of affiliate, having intelligent and collaborative peers working together to make more profits is everything. After you sign up for your first month and you see what the forum contains, you will be a member for life.”

Isaac Ruble

Bart Testimonial
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“The IAmAffiliate community is one of a kind in the affiliate industry. With the different blend of marketers, you get to really learn the unique traffic sources and methods people are sharing on a everyday basis. With the amount of knowledge that is being shared on a daily basis by Attila himself and his members, the monthly membership is worth it for anyone looking to join a community with other talented marketers in the industry.”

Bart S

Jim Testimonial

“Many marketers the affiliate industry need to have a arsenal of tools in order to be successful. Having a membership at IAmAffiliate is something every marketer should have. As marketers, we can only be good as many things. The forum really makes you realize the unique methods people are constantly using day to day basis to make a living. The monthly membership for the forum is worth it for anyone looking to connect with marketers and see the opportunity that is right in front of them If they just open their eyeballs on all the threads in the forum.”


FB Queen Testimonial
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“I highly recommend Attila O'dree’s forum - he never holds anything back and if you want to learn about the latest affiliate marketing trends and underground tactics you need to be part of this community! 🔥🤓”

Christina Szekeres - IMQUEEN

Ben M500 Testimonial

“The iamaffiliate Forum is everything you need all in one place. Built by everyone's favorite no bullshit guru, Attila you know it's going to be the best place to find exactly what it is you're looking for!”

Benjamin Rose - Supremedia

Manu Cinca Testimonial
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“IAmAffiliate is what you’d expect if you follow the IAmAttila blog. Many experiments, case studies and discussions around what is hot now, whether that’s push, leadgen, e-com, FB. The type of hat you wear also doesn’t matter.”

Manu Cinca - WTAFF Creator

Sean Testimonial

“2019 became the year when my carrier as an online marketer really flourished. Long-story short I saw an ad about the forum, I joined, I met Attila and the rest became history.”


Alex Fedotoff Testimonial

“iAmAffiliate forum created by iAmAttila is a FANTASTIC place to be a member in! You’ll find tons of value and advanced affiliate tricks there on how to earn money with affiliate offers! The #1 community to join if You are an affiliate marketer!!!”

Alex Fedotoff - 8 Figure E-Com Expert

Randy Testimonial

“Attila is brilliant. Hands down, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met online… If you have a chance to learn from him, work with him, or join a community created by him, you should do it.”


Sebas Inar Testimonial

“If you're a true affiliate marketer and love the industry as much as we do, you -MUST- belong to the IAmAffiliate forum. The secret ? An active members base of over 1000+ marketers (plenty of them self-made millionaires) willing to share their experiences and tricks of the trade happening TODAY, not years ago. The one place where you can ask and be answered in a timely fashion and nothing is ever held back. The non-selfish community with a thirst for helping fellow marketers thrive.”

Sebas Inar -

GDP Testimonial
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“Iamaffiliate is an incredible forum backed by an industry legend iAmAttila. It’s the place where global top publishers, advertisers , networks and all industry companies meet to share and learn. The price point is a fraction of the value and worldwide business contacts you will make. If you have not tried the forum, I personally recommend you give it a shot. You have way more to gain than loose!”

Gerard A. Della Porta - MRKTHUB CEO & Founder

Rosmer Testimonial
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“iAmAttila is legit, the real deal delivering solid advice on online marketing in a world full of fakes and the IamAffiliate forum is an extension. You've got very solid members offering great advice and connections for any of your needs on demand. Highly recommended!”

Michael Bruce Rosmer - Offshore Citizen



Learn from others' mistakes through detailed case studies, experience new AHA moments, and find useful golden nuggets that will help you make more money through very exciting and inspirational case studies shedding the light on what happens behind the scenes on some of the biggest profits made through affiliate marketing.

$xx,xxx,xxx drop shipping empire EXPOSED! This is how they do HUGE numbers!
by MrHomance
How I made $250k in Profits Yearly for 2 years With 0 Work
by jmaverick
150k SS Nutra Case Study 1 on 1 w/Attila
by sushiparlour
How This Store Generates $1M Per Month Dropshipping
by Andor
$50k+ Per Month Moving Project
by greazy1608
Real Life Case Studies – Mortgage Leads on Facebook:
by razkiddor
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real people. real results.


“7 Figures under 5 months!! on ECOM”

Yourrable - iAmAffiliate Member


“$50k+ Per Month Moving Project”

NAPK1NS - iAmAffiliate Contributor


“150k SS Nutra Case Study - 1 on 1 w/Attila”

upperechelon - iAmAffiliate Member


“Consistent $300/Day Profit Running Dating Offers on ZeroPark”

Cocos117 - iAmAffiliate Member


“How 1 CPA ECOM Product Made Me Over $1 Million in Profit on Taboola”

strider_91 - iAmAffiliate Contributor


“How I've Made Over $57,000 Running Nutra Without Cloaking on RevConten”

digitalnomad81 - iAmAffiliate Member


“My System: How I Make $150-250 per day Promoting Lead Gen on Bing Ads”

DScc - iAmAffiliate Member


“Native Arbitrage Secrets Through Yahoo Gemini and Google Adsense”

Vereja - iAmAffiliate Member


“How Just 1 Funnel Helped Me Pull in Over $297,578 in Revenue”

AustinW1 - iAmAffiliate Member


We have tutorials that teach you the basics, all the way to the advanced stuff!

Being a newbie is hard, we've been there. The learning curve in this exciting industry is SHARP. Benefit of becoming a member at iAmAffiliate vs. buying a course is that we are here to help you as You learn.

Get answers to your questions in minutes. Receive advice on how to solve problems and even which offers to run!

As a member you get access to an active community of affiliate marketers that know their stuff. They run campaigns every day (so the advice isn't outdated like with courses). Everyone helps each other out, and it's also a great way to build your network! iAmAffiliate is the #1 affiliate marketing training community online.


Access step by step tutorials that expose the methods the biggest affiliates use. See with your own eyes how profitable campaigns start from scratch and scale up.
  • Learn how to run Facebook Ads from scratch

    We will show you how to promote CPA offers on the smartest traffic source in the world.

  • Find winning campaigns and profit!

    We are going to show you step by step how to search, locate, and use the top ads and landing pages.

  • Generate leads and build long term assets!

    Create customer lists that convert. Learn how to build niche specific lists that generate profits like your own private ATM.

  • Learn Drop Shipping and Shopify from REAL store owners

    We have the complete guide that's up to date and based on real world experiences, facts and not simple theory by a kid from his bedroom.

If You Are Ready to Take Action, Work Hard and Hustle...

Affiliate marketing is going to give you the rewards you deserve.

It's no Push button system, there are no shortcuts to success.

It is however, a legitimate way to earn a very nice income, work when you want from where you want.

Things change very fast in the world of affiliate marketing, that's why courses, and the stuff you see on Youtube doesn't work.

You need access to the inner circle, affiliate marketers that actually run campaigns to succeed.

That's why becoming a member is the very best decision You'll ever make. It's only $49.95/month.

Frankly if that's too much, You should become a freelancer, and forget about affiliate marketing as it needs a $xxxx starting budget to buy paid ads.

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