5 Incredible Tips For Taboola – Things You Should Be Doing When Launching a New Campaign

I hope you are familiar with this native display ad network because it has a reach of 95% in the US only and it’s getting around a billion clicks globally. So, there are some things you should be doing in order to get your campaigns working.


At first, targeting on Taboola looks very similar to something you’ve maybe met before – you can select specific gender, areas or age. Also, you can make a difference between Marketplace Audiences and so-called Campaign Clickers.


But, with the Marketplace Audiences, things are getting a little bit different. You can dive into people’s income, do they have children and how many, or what content they might care about.

With Campaign clickers things are clear – these are the people that have already seen your ads and did some action. You can create a campaign specifically for these people.

Why did I make a difference here? You should create separate campaigns for these audiences in order to see what’s working better AND you can create one campaign that will target both marketplace audience and campaign clickers – I would really like to hear the results you’ll get!

Campaign clickers

Let’s dive deeper into this type of audience. This targeting works similarly to retargeting on any other platform. If you’re about to create brand awareness campaigns or direct sale ones, this is the best way to get good results. 

These people are already familiar with what you’re doing so that way you can narrow your audience down campaign by campaign until you reach the right people who are actually going to make a purchase.

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Platforms / Devices

You really need to think very carefully when it comes to what platform are you going to show your ad on. There are options for desktop, smartphones, and tablets. If you’re about to choose all of the three, that’s gonna be your initial phase of raising brand awareness. 

For example, your ad is all about installing the new mobile app. Of course, you are going to choose smartphones (and which operating system is your app for) and then exclude desktop (and tablet if your app isn’t made for this device). Why? It’s ok if you want to waste money because this way you are going to target only that one device your app is made for. Your mobile app won’t be installed if you show the ad on desktop devices – simple.

That’s the same with selecting tablets – if you’re advertising a book, for example, the tablet is a great choice because people can easily read on this device. 

And when it comes to desktop, things are the same – just think about whether your software is compatible with both Mac and Windows. If not, select the right one. 

Furthermore, even if you’re doing the awareness campaigns, maybe you should divide all of these platforms to separate campaigns in order to get transparent results. Keep in mind that your ad should be responsive in this case!

Operating System Targeting

Let’s expand on this, but you probably got it from the previous paragraph.

You won’t advertise a Windows software for somebody on the Android smartphone. That’s not going to work.

A mobile app ad won’t work if you are targeting Mac OS users. 

That’s very simple and I will put this here just for you to remember how important this little mistake can be for your budget.

Campaign schedule

This one is huge! You don’t want your ad to be shown in the middle of the night when there is probably no one to see it.

Think about the content of your ad – is that something people will enjoy ‘while working’? Maybe you run some corporate ads or the things people will need for a specific niche. 

Is that something people will enjoy on the weekends? Choose these days only and don’t waste that traffic you paid for. We want to target people during the time they are most likely to click on our ad.

That’s it and I hope you’ll bookmark this in order to remember what you should be doing while advertising on Taboola. Good luck!

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