How To Target on Taboola in 2021 – An Awesome Quick Overview

Let’s go step by step on how to correctly target your audience on Taboola. The first step ever when working with Taboola is to set up the Taboola pixel on your website. It’s very simple, just follow the steps on the interface. So, when you are creating a new campaign, this section is the place … Read more

The 8 Common Taboola Mistakes Most People Make When Advertising on This Incredible Platform

1. Your Taboola audience is too wide Sometimes it is very important to go from narrow targeting and then spread it out. Especially if you are advertising a product or a specific software – not everything is for everyone and you can agree on that one. If your ad is about ski equipment you’re probably … Read more

5 Incredible Tips For Taboola – Things You Should Be Doing When Launching a New Campaign

I hope you are familiar with this native display ad network because it has a reach of 95% in the US only and it’s getting around a billion clicks globally. So, there are some things you should be doing in order to get your campaigns working. Audiences At first, targeting on Taboola looks very similar … Read more