How To Run Google Ads On a Small Budget

A well created PPC campaign will generate valuable benefits for your business including leads and sales.  But with big costs and increased competition in the internet advertising world you may be wondering if you can be successful with Google Ads if your budget is small. If you are clever, then the answer is yes. So … Read more

How To Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

The reason why quality score should be used especially to indicate the potential keyword, ad group, and campaign success in paid search is because it is a key metric.  Take note that it measures the relevancy and cohesiveness of three components required for every PPC campaign which is: The keyword within an ad group  The … Read more

The Best Bidding Strategies to Follow to Squeeze the Max Out Of Your Budget

In this strategy guide for advanced Google Ads, you will get to know how you can optimize your bidding strategy. The very beginning is to understand three major keys to bid success: Remember your goal – connect your message to the right prospect; pay at least as possible to reach that right person! Don’t relax … Read more