How To Run The Best Google Ads On a Small Budget in 2021

A well created Google Ads PPC campaign will run and generate valuable benefits for your business including leads and sales. 

But with big costs and increased competition in the internet advertising world you may be wondering if you can be successful with Google Ads if your budget is small.

If you are clever, then the answer is yes.

So here are some quick tips that will help you the get the best results from your budget using Google Ads.

#1 Long Tail Keywords

If you are on a tight budget targeting high volume, competitive and short tail keywords will not goint to get you good results.

Generally the shorter the keyword you target, the lower the chance of conversions. But if you go for longer tail keywords such as “personal injury lawyers Milton Keynes” for example rather than “personal injury lawyers”, you might see a decrease in your CPC and the chance of conversions will increase most importantly.

#2 Account Structure

Make sure your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are highly relevant to their landers.

It’s important because structuring effectively will help you to keep your quality scores high, which will improve your ad positions and reduce your CPC.

#3 Brand Campaigns

If you are selling products or services I would highly reccomend you to target your keywords based on this format: [your brand] + [product/service].

Although your competitors may not be bidding on your brand directly, they’ll probably bidding on related products or services. 

Then if someone types in “Gocompare car insurance”for example, and assuming your business is Gocompare, then the results page for this search will be swamped by competitor ads bidding on “car insurance” and as a result, you will lose out on a proportion of clicks.

But If your competitors are bidding on your brand directly, then this is a no-brainer.

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#4 Negative Keywords

Never undesestimate the power of negative keywords. When you launch your campaigns, consider using some negative keywords.

After when your ads are running, make sure to check frequently the Search Terms report which is located within the keywords section in Adwords.

Check your data, identify query themes that are irrelevant, and add them to your negative keyword lists.

#5 Ad Scheduling

You can set scheduling to your ads, you can choose specific days and/or certain hours of the day.  For example if you only want to run your ads in business hours then schedule your ads to run Monday through to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00.

Depanding on your schedules you can do more agressive advertising during in your most profitable hours. 

#6 Location Targeting

Always think about where your clients and customers are, and use location targeting to really focus-in your advertising efforts. If you’re a small business for example, you should focus on smaller area like region or city.

#7 Don’t think that 1st position is always the most profitable

When you target keywords with substantial volumes, then the 1st position is probably not the most profitible place for your ad. You will see that 2nd and 3rd position could be much more profitable. It’s pretty expensive to keep the ’’top of the page’’ positions, and yes many people click on the 1st search result but it does not mean at all that the visitor is qualified in any way. People who click on the 2nd and 3rd position ads are usually better qualified, so you really should not judge your ads too much based only on ad positions.

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