How to Get The Top Converting Offers at Any CPA Network in 2021

The question on the back of every affiliate’s mind — how can I get the best CPA offers and conditions from an affiliate program? Finding the top converting offers is a goal of every affiliate and knowing how to achieve it is a problem all of us face. To answer this, we thought it would be best to get an affiliate network’s point of view.

Knowing how to build trustful relationships is a key part of affiliate marketing and often can lead to better offers and the best opportunities for increased profits.

How does the offer get to an affiliate program?

Before we answer the first question, we think it’s important to know how affiliate programs get their offers. Let’s take a look at an example.

In general, an offer gets to our affiliate program from a direct advertiser, although it is also possible to cooperate with an exclusive agency if the offer is distributed only through them. Before an offer is open to affiliates, there is a lot of internal work that needs to be done. 

We check all information about an advertiser itself, starting with verifying legal details and ending with tests of our own media buying department. We also closely communicate with other colleagues about the advertiser.

It is very important to update all offers on-time to give only active offers to the affiliates as we both understand that affiliate programs earn on the margin of the offer. 

During the tests, affiliate programs assess the advertiser solvency — in other words, their ability to pay their debts. Indeed, there are advertisers that pay on time and even work on prepayments, but some partners don’t have it on time, and in this case, the affiliate program pays out of its own pocket.

Who gets the best top converting offers?

iAmAffiliate Top Converting Offers

Now that we know what efforts an affiliate program puts in on getting quality offers, let’s discuss who gets these offers first.

Primarily, the offer is offered to those affiliates who have previously shown excellent results. Nobody is interested in bot or incentive traffic, that doesn’t lead to sales. It is not interesting to an advertiser, since it has 0 profit, it is not interesting to the affiliate program, because it will not be paid for and, as a result, it should not be interesting to the affiliate either. 

Unfortunately, there are still unscrupulous affiliates who are trying to deceive in every possible way. That is why almost any affiliate program focuses on the following points:

  1. Volumes
  2. Traffic quality

Good volumes = good profit. Good volumes mean affiliates with financial independence. They want to make sure that they are giving their best offers to the people that can make them the most profit and normally the people that can make good profits are already doing so with other offers or networks.

Tip: Shares photos of a new apartment you bought or a car. Something to help show your stable profits as an affiliate because this is what affiliate networks look for.

How is traffic quality determined?

One of the key criteria is checking traffic by an internal team of analysts who track CR compliance, check the IPs from which conversions come, check similar affiliates. In general, they carry out serious analytical work on internal algorithms.

Feedback from the advertiser. Generally, the advertiser has additional internal metrics that help distinguish quality traffic from fraud or motivated traffic. Often, these metrics are written in KPIs as “soft” and “hard.

There are several things that you can do to make sure that you only provide quality traffic to your offers. The main thing is to only buy from reputable sources.

The role of a personal manager


In addition to answering all the questions about the workflow of the affiliate program and offers, you can get a lot of useful information from your personal manager. Being on good terms with them and showing good results in work, you can always count on both individual conditions and TOP offers. 

Supplying the best affiliates with the right offers means more profits for everybody. That is why it is important to be in regular and “friendly” communication with your personal manager. 

After all, it is he who will be able to suggest how to monetize your traffic in the best way.

*Pro-tip: Attending affiliate events is a great way to get to know them on a more personal level and build stronger relationships. It also shows them that you are a more professional affiliate, up to date on the latest affiliate trends.

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