How Much Do Facebook Ads Truly Cost in 2021?

Facebook is one of the leading platforms for advertising in today’s world. As a marketer, you can really expand your reach through Facebook ads. These ads allow you to target specific groups of people based on demographics and interests. This can prove to be very effective when trying to reach out to a wide audience. Many businesses have been taking advantage of this feature and have seen great things come from it.

Many business owners tend to wonder what the answer to that question might be. While Facebook does not release its exact formula, we can get a general idea of how this works by looking at similar platforms such as Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Facebook ads can be very affordable, especially if your product is in a specific niche and appeals only to a particular type of customer. If your product is for everyone, you might want to consider advertising on Google Ads instead.

Which factors affect the price?

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Facebook ad prices vary according to advertisers’ targeting and bidding strategies. So, how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? As with most forms of online advertising, the prices depend on several factors.

The price of a Facebook ad depends on ​ your budget and what you’re promoting as well as how many people see it. The click-through rate or impressions can also affect the price. You have to consider if an ad is engaging enough for viewers to take action after viewing it.

How much do Facebook ads cost for beginners?

The price of a Facebook ad also depends on your experience in advertising. If you’re a beginner, you will likely have to pay more for an ad campaign because it might not be as effective compared to what a seasoned marketer would do.

However, you can always start out with a small sum to get the ball rolling. You can then keep doubling your ad budget to determine how much Facebook ads cost for your specific product or service.

How many impressions does it take to generate sales?

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The number of impressions needed to generate sales also depends on other factors such as competition. A high-competition industry might require more impressions to generate sales compared to a low-competition industry.

With all these factors in mind, you need to consider how much it costs for each click. The average Facebook ad CPC is around $0.32. So if your product is not generating any conversions at this rate, you can opt to lower your ad budget.


As mentioned earlier, Facebook is not transparent with how they determine their ad prices. However, you can use the information above to get a general idea about which factors affect the price of Facebook ads. If you need any help in deciding what type of social media marketing strategy is best for you or your company, feel free to visit the iAmAffiliate forums where you can learn everything you need and more about Facebook ads!

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