How to Make Your Angles Stand Out from the Rest With These 6 Incredible Steps

  1. Choose your niche

Keep in mind that for every niche in affiliate marketing, it is always possible to create engaging angles though you have to consider that some might be more difficult than the others. When choosing a niche, it is in your best interest that you choose something that you’re already familiar with or passionate about as this can give you an edge over other affiliates with no prior knowledge since you already have better understanding on how you’re going to promote your products or services to people.

  1. Choose and research demographic 

Take note that if you want to control what you’ll be communicating, then you should be able to decide on who you’re going to tailor your weight loss angle as this will make your niche more detailed and specific. 

The reason why it’s important to do significant research to gain a better idea of what appeals to who especially if you don’t have much experience promoting within a specific niche is because your messaging will change drastically depending on your target demographic. 

For instance: 


As we all know that men and women don’t store fat the same way since women typically store a higher percentage of fat in the lower body where men store their fat in the upper body or abdomen. With this information, you’re able to understand that men and women have different insecurities, desires, and motives. Take note that you’re able to improve your chances of appealing to your target especially when you integrate facts like this into your angle. 

If you want to learn more in-depth strategies on how to find the best angles


  1. Brainstorm. Then Brainstorm some more

This is the step where you’ll come up with the actual angle for your niche but keep in mind that you don’t just go with the first idea that comes up. Make sure you’re able to take the extra mile to brainstorm multiple angles that you think would make sense with your niche and demographic you’ve chosen. 

Here are some tips to help you out: 

  • Make sure you’re able to utilize and/or continue to do more research on your niche and demographic
  • You can also think of current/relevant events that are happening in the world such as holidays, seasons, fads, trends, etc. 
  • Take your time to imagine yourself in someone’s shoes.

  1. Choose your offer

Keep in mind that you can alternatively choose an offer as your first step. Either your angle is going to determine the offer you’re choosing or the offer you want to promote is going to reflect your angle. 

  1. Populate Creatives

After you’ve fully fleshed out your angle, you can now start to integrate them into your ads, landing page, website, or whatever other creatives you utilize with your traffic source. Keep in mind that for all the following elements, it is important to come up with multiple ideas as this will be useful when you reach the testing stage of this process. 


Your headlines must be able to achieve these 2 objectives:

  1. Catch the attention of a user
  2. Persuade them to click on your ad and continue reading

Take note that you personally need to connect with the person reading it if you want to achieve these objectives and remember that your angle must be able to appeal to someone’s self-interest. 


Keep in mind that it’s important to focus on the benefits of the offer rather than the features especially when writing any long-form copy with the purpose of selling the product or service that you’re promoting. 

Remember that this is your chance to really sell your angle. You can do this by talking to the user and remember to build your messaging around your angle. 


It is important to understand that your angle’s potential can be completely wasted if your image isn’t able to captivate users since images are often the element that introduces your entire path sales to the user especially if you’re using ads to promote an offer. 


Make sure your call-to-action is simple, direct, and should be able to tell the user what you want them to do. Take note to avoid terms like ‘click here’ or ‘order now’ and instead keep your call to action relative to your angle. 

  1. Test and Alter

Keep in mind that one of the most important parts of the angle developing process is through testing. By doing this, you’re able to determine whether your angle is any good before you blow your entire budget on acquiring traffic. 

Here’s a list of things you should consider when testing:

  • Headlines and/or imagery on ads and landing page
  • Direct linking vs using a landing page
  • Running a different campaign in the same niche
  • Trying a different traffic source
  • Adjusting your targeting parameters
  • Bidding on different keywords

Take note that effective testing allows you to hone in on what’s working and what isn’t and this it’s an important task that’s required in all facets of affiliate marketing especially when finding a great angle. 

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