30 Exclusive Questions Answered! Interview with Jitendra Vaswani, Making Money With BloggersIdeas.com

Hello Mr. Jitendra Vaswani!! Such a pleasure to have You!  Thx a lot for agreeing to do this interview.   I’ve met you a few years ago but didn’t know how big of an SEO expert you were then, it’s great to have you on iAmAffiliate and can’t wait to learn more about your amazing … Read more

How to Make Your Angles Stand Out from the Rest With These 6 Incredible Steps

Choose your niche Keep in mind that for every niche in affiliate marketing, it is always possible to create engaging angles though you have to consider that some might be more difficult than the others. When choosing a niche, it is in your best interest that you choose something that you’re already familiar with or … Read more

How to Start Affiliate Marketing and Earn $1000 in the First Three Months

It’s time to start affiliate marketing! There is a reason why many people are getting into affiliate marketing. In 2017, affiliate marketing spending in the United States reached 5.4 billion US dollars. This number is expected to hit 8.2 billion US dollars by 2022.  A ton of money stands to be made from affiliate marketing. … Read more

Genius Pixel Pt. 2: How To Scale FB Ad Campaigns

This is a continuation of the Genius Pixel Article… I will now talk about something that happened to anybody who has ever been running any campaigns on Facebook. I’m 100% positive. You have your ad running. It’s performing well and when you raised the money suddenly everything dropped down – your CPC goes crazy and … Read more

7 Incredible Business Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting

#1: Have realistic expectations about what you can achieve. Being optimistic as an entrepreneur is great. In fact, this is a key trait of those who succeed in business. However, while aiming high is great, a lot of people tend to overestimate their true abilities. Sure, it may be possible to earn 1 million in your first … Read more

How To Target on Taboola in 2021 – An Awesome Quick Overview

Let’s go step by step on how to correctly target your audience on Taboola. The first step ever when working with Taboola is to set up the Taboola pixel on your website. It’s very simple, just follow the steps on the interface. So, when you are creating a new campaign, this section is the place … Read more